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Show Some Skin is a student-led initiative that invites members of the Notre Dame community to share narratives about identity and difference. We solicit anonymous monologues written by students, faculty, staff, and alumni, and select a compelling sample of these stories to stage as an annual public performance.

Show Some Skin is, however, more than just a theatrical production. It is a project - a movement - to engage the ND community in more meaningful, often deeply personal, dialogue about race, gender, sexuality, class, and other aspects of identity. We strive to make Notre Dame a more welcoming place for all.

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Interested in getting involved? We need actors to perform monologues (auditions in late November)! We need volunteers to help organize and run the show! Email us at

Show Some Skin: Try Us

What if we had no idea what is was like to be an outsider? To be shunned? To be labeled? To be an immigrant? To be undocumented? To be called a bigot or snowflake because of who we voted for? To feel unloved? To experience an orgasm? To have a ‘perfect’ life on paper but be deeply unhappy? To be unwelcome where we live? To be miserable in our own skin? To experience great loss? What if our collective survival depended on helping each other to understand? Think we wouldn’t get it? Try us.

2018 performances will be held February 22, 23, and 24 in the Decio Mainstage Theatre at DPAC. Tickets have sold out! If you would like to stand by to see if tickets become available, please come to DPAC 30-45 minutes before each show to check. Show Some Skin will also be performed at the South Bend Civic Theatre on April 7, 2018. Stay tuned for details.

Thank you to our generous sponsors: Africana Studies; American Studies; Anthropology; Creative Writing Program; Education, Schooling, and Society; Film, Television, and Theatre; Gender Studies Program; History; Political Science; Psychology; Romance Languages and Literatures; Sociology; University Writing Program; Center for Social Concerns; Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures; First Year of Studies; Gender Relations Center; Glynn Family Honors Program; Hesburgh Yusko Scholars Program; Higgins Labor Studies Program; Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning; Notre Dame International-Study Abroad; Institute for Latino Studies; Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies; Badin Hall; Farley Hall; Pasquerilla East Hall; Pasquerilla West Hall; Stanford Hall; Walsh Hall.

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