Show Some Skin brings us closer together

Show Some Skin is a student-led initiative that invites members of the Notre Dame community to share narratives about identity and difference. We solicit anonymous monologues written by students, faculty, staff, and alumni, and select a compelling sample of these stories to stage as an annual public performance.

Show Some Skin is, however, more than just a theatrical production. It is a project - a movement - to engage the ND community in more meaningful, often deeply personal, dialogue about race, gender, sexuality, class, and other aspects of identity. We strive to make Notre Dame a more welcoming place for all.

2019's Show Some Skin: Drop the Wall will be performed in the Decio Mainstage Theatre in the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center at Notre Dame, February 20-23, all shows starting 7 p.m.

Submit Your Monologue

Interested in getting involved? We need actors to perform monologues (auditions in late November)! We need volunteers to help organize and run the show! Email us at

Show Some Skin in the News

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