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Cookie Policy

Understanding Cookies: A Comprehensive Overview of Our Cookie Policy

In the digital age, cookies play a pivotal role in enhancing online experiences. These small pieces of information, comprised of letters and numbers, are provided by websites to users during their visits. This technology allows websites to recognize users’ devices, contributing to more efficient functionality and improved user experience.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies serve various purposes, from supporting users’ logins to analyzing website traffic and tracking browsing behavior. They are essential for making websites work or work more efficiently, becoming the standard practice for most online platforms. Cookies may have different durations, with some automatically deleted upon browser closure and others persisting until expiration or manual deletion.

Our Use of Cookies

Our website utilizes necessary cookies to ensure its proper functioning. These cookies collect users’ IP addresses, browsing information, and preferences to enhance the overall user experience. Additional cookies enable us to analyze website traffic, track user interactions, and improve overall visitor experience.

Cookies are placed on devices based on user consent, except when necessary for the technical functioning of the website. Failure to consent may impact website functionality. The legal basis for cookie usage lies in ND’s Show Some Skin’s legitimate interest in maintaining the website’s technical functionality. For cookies used for remembering choices or statistical purposes, consent serves as the legal basis.

Types of Cookies We Use

According to Duration

  • Session Cookies: Stored for the duration of the browser session.
  • Persistent Cookies: Remain in the browser for a set period post-session.

According to Provenance

  • First-Party Cookies: Stored directly by our website, facilitating analytics and other useful functions.
  • Third-Party Cookies: Created by domains other than the one visited directly, often used for tracking, retargeting, and ad-serving.

According to Purpose

  • Necessary Cookies: Essential for website browsing, security, and network management.
  • Functionality Cookies: Remember past choices, enhancing user convenience.
  • Performance Cookies: Collect aggregated data to improve website functions.
  • Marketing Cookies: Track online activity to deliver relevant advertising.
  • Analytics Cookies: Collect and report information to enhance website performance.

How to Control Cookies?

Users can control and delete cookies through browser settings, though this may require adjusting preferences manually. Deleting all cookies will reset website settings, while disabling specific cookies may still allow information obtained prior to the disablement to be used.

Third-Party Cookies

Our commitment to improving the website’s usability may involve third-party features or plug-ins using cookies. These may include social network connectors or web traffic analysis services. Users are encouraged to review each party’s cookie disclosure before providing consent, as we do not control third-party cookie usage.

International Data Transfer

Cookies may process, store, or transfer personal information to countries with privacy laws offering different, potentially lower, protections. User consent to cookie use implies acceptance of this transfer, storage, or processing.

Changes to Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy may be updated to reflect changes in practices and services. Users are encouraged to periodically review the policy to stay informed. The new policy takes effect upon posting, unless otherwise specified. Continued use of the website after policy changes indicates agreement with the updated terms.

Understanding and acknowledging our Cookie Policy is essential for a transparent and mutually beneficial online experience. We appreciate your trust and commitment to ND’s Show Some Skin.